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Why do liver enzymes fall after 2nd nivo/ipi infusion?

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Why do liver enzymes fall after 2nd nivo/ipi infusion?

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4/3/2020 6:52pm
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Hello everyone,

I looked on the web but couldn't find anything. My liver enzymes fell which apparently is good.

Pre Infusion 2 Pre Infusion 3
AST (GOT) 77 39
ALT(GPT) 204 60

Could it be a sign the combo is working?

Sincerely appreciate you all and this forum,


Hi Adam,

I have seen no data to support the assumption that liver enzymes decrease after patients attain their second infusion of ipi/nivo. As a matter of fact, elevated liver enzymes can be an unwanted side effect of immunotherapy and all immunotherapy side effects tend to increase over time/exposure to therapy and occasionally rear their ugly heads in a rather random fashion. In your case, however, it would seem to me that your the initial elevations in your liver function values may have been related to the mets you had in your liver and hopefully, due to the combo, they are now shrinking, thus leading to your decreased lab values. Alternatively, perhaps these values have decreased due to the steroids that I seem to recall your doc was giving you simultaneously with your infusions.

Hope that helps. Celeste

Hello celeste,
Thank you for taking the time to reply. As always, you are extremely helpful. I hope the liver mets are increasing.

mine rose after a week of Tylenol, substituting for asprin (blood thinning issue in advance of surgery.

when i discontinued Tylenol levels dropped.

Thank you too for your reply tkoss.