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Who's the best in Washington DC/Northern Virginia?

Who's the best in Washington DC/Northern Virginia?

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8/11/2013 5:58pm
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More newbie questions.  Wondering who the best melanoma oncologist is in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area.  We have heard great things about Dr. Evan Lipson at Johns Hopkins.  Just wanted to make sure we go to the best!

I'm not sure there is one "best" - but we have been very happy with Evan Lipson. You can see him at Sibley on Thursdays - but we usually go to Hopkins because my husband has been involved in a clinical trial there.

Whenever we have an appointment, Dr. Lipson gives us however much time we need - and he makes sure all of our questions are answered and we understand the answers. The level of concern and humanity  he has shown for his patients is exactly what we have needed to get us through the last year.

He consults with Dr. Scharfman and the rest of the team at Hopkins - they work together, so I think you get the best minds on your case. For a second opinion we really appreciated our consultation with Dr. Lynn Schuchter at University of Pennsylvania.

Hoping this helps and you get the advice/treatment you are seeking.


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I'm Stage IV and have an appointment with Dr. Lipson on Thursday.  I live in Northern Virginia and have been traveling to UVA for my care since April. I am excited about this visit because I like everything I've read about Dr. Lipson and was encouraged by your post.  UVA has been okay but I'm hoping that Johns Hopkins will prove to be better.  

I was diagnosed with Melanoma in 1998...small spot on my arm.  I fell in my classroom in February.  I thought I had a concussion but a CT scan in the ER showed a brain tumor.  It was removed on Feb 22nd at Inova Fairfax.  In March I had stereotactic radio surgery.  A PET scan showed I had a small nodule in my lung, but at the time it was not metabolic.  To make a long story sort of short :))), I now have spot in my liver, the lung is melanoma, and I have a very painful lesion on my L2 vertebra.  On Monday I have an appointment to schedule radiation for the L2 with the same doctor who did my SRS.  Loved him! (Dr. Samir Kanini).  I thought I was going to qualify for a couple of trials at UVA...I was told I would but then recently found out that I don't. I've made many trips to Charlottesville.  I don't like to be critical but I can't wait any longer.  

I've never posted before!  Wondering if anyone has been to both UVA and Hopkins for treatment and if so, which did they feel was better.  I know that Johns Hopkins is a highly rated hospital, and for what it's worth, their website is better.

I will ask a friend to read this.  She has been to both.  I believe that she is currently with Dr Weiss at UVA.    Hopefully she can provide you usefull info.  I have not been to Johns Hopkins.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Thank you!  I really appreciate your help!

Love Dr G Weiss as my medical Melanoma Specialist Oncologist.  He has   been me oncologist since I was told in Feb 2007, by a local general oncologist, to not expect to be here 6 months later.  "

He actually TALKS WITH and LISTENS patients. 


Have not been a patient of William  W.  Grosh,  MD, but have heard greet things about him as well from other patients.  .

The staff at UVA are excellent as well.  Scans are reviewed and the Oncologist goes over them with patients about 2 hours after they are taken.


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Be glad to talk wth you. (Live near Warrenton, Va.)

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.


I just wanted to let you that we are hosting a melanoma patient symposium at Georgetown-Lombardi Cancer Center on Sept. 21st if you'd like to attend.  You can find more information on the event page.  We have a nice agenda, with several melanoma specialists involved in the presenations.  Let me know if you have any questions about the event or anything else.


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Thank you for all the feedback.  We may be going to Washington Cancer Institute for a clinical trial, but my brother met with Dr. Lipsin and said  he seemed very knowledgeable.  Good luck to everyone!  i will be sending good thoughts your way.

I consider Dr. Evan Lipson to be my oncologist but recently saw Dr. Geoffrey Weiss for another opinion/possible Interleukin Therapy.  I really liked him too.  Dr. Lipson is from Johns Hopkins while Dr. Weiss is at UVA. Dr. Weiss reportedly knows Interleukin inside and out.