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When Cancer And Coronavirus Collide

When Cancer And Coronavirus Collide

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3/23/2020 11:59am
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Thank you for posting this excellent article. People with cancer seem to have confronted their own mortality pre Covid-19 and in a way, became stronger and more resilient at least mentally. In the last week to ten days, I have found myself providing comfort and common sense to many of my friends who not only do not have cancer but do not even have any underlying conditions. As much as this is a Pandemic of unseen proportions, I feel human mental health is almost even more paramount. The unfortunate thing is that the Pandemic will have everlasting negative effect long after the virus has subsided on ALL children and people alike, even the unborn.

Keep safe and strong everyone!


predciton Alogrythm for ARD, Advance Repseiratory Distress and death from Covid;

from Agence France Press: "The team applied a machine learning algorithm to data from 53 coronavirus patients across two hospitals in Wenzhou, China, finding that changes in three features — levels of the liver enzyme alanine aminotransferase (ALT), reported body aches, and hemoglobin levels –- were most accurately predictive of subsequent, severe disease."

irony of ironies , liver enzymes became a problem for me with immunotherapy.