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Vulvar primary site:?

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Vulvar primary site:?

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LB in Seattle
10/12/2020 9:33am
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Anyone else here who had their primary on their vulva? Mine was on my left labia minora; considered a dermal lesion. This is a rare primary location (and I have had a local recurrence in the lymph nodes recently, but my doc says that this does not constitute a metastasis). I am curious to find other women who've had their primary site there. Having the discussion about immune therapy in two weeks now that I've had the recurrence after a year and a half of clean scans. I found the enlarged lymph node about a month before the next scan would have been scheduled.

I am also a daughter of a parent who died of melanoma. While this suggests a genetic cause for mine, testing revealed no known genetic markers. So if you've had this primary site, any chance you had a parent with melanoma as well?

Thanks for any responses.

gopher38 - (10/14/2020 - 9:21pm)

Well, I'm in the 50% that wouldn't have any chance of personal experience here, but I hate to see a post go without a reply, so just posting to wish you good luck with the immunotherapy. Sounds like not too many people have this site as a primary, but lots of people have experience with immunotherapy, so you'll probably get more help on questions around that. Best of luck.