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Ultrasound of lymph node 1 year post SLNB

Ultrasound of lymph node 1 year post SLNB

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3/12/2019 4:13pm
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Good afternoon my new warrior friends,

Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with melanoma on my right shin, and had a wide excision with sentinal lymph node biopsy - right groin.  Diagnosis info is "superficial spreading melanoma, Breslow depth 1.2 mm, Clark level IV, mitotic rate 1, T2aN0M0".   Following the surgery I was advised that the margins were clear and there was no sign of spreading to the lymph nodes (3 removed).

At my recent one year check up with the surgeon, we discussed a lump that I could feel where the SLNB had been performed.  Because of my history he sent me for an ultrasound of my groin, and following these results he has now scheduled me for a biopsy with an interventional radiologist, but my appointment isn't until 4/1/19.  As you all know too well, I'm fearing the worst and can't imagine my heart rate slowing any time in the next month (if ever again). 

The narrative from my ultrasound reads as follows:

"In the right groin at the area of interest there is a heterogeneous nodule measuring 3.3 x 1.9 x 2.4 cm with central cystic components as well as increased color flow.  Possibility of partially necrotic lymph node could be considered.  CT could be obtained for further evaluation".  (My doctor is skipping the CT and going right to biopsy)

Plucking words and phrases to Google leaves me thinking it can't be anything benign - does anyone have any experience with lymph node issues following surgery and/or know what I might expect?

Thank you for your guidance~


Hey Laurie,

While a CT could be would simply show the enlarged nodule that you already know is there and you would still need a biopsy to determine exactly what it is.  So, I think biopsy is the best and most expedient way to know what you are dealing with.  Hopefully it is nothing more than a cyst or a lymph node that has already gone the way of the dodo!!  Hang in there.  I know it is a worry and a pain in the patoot to say the least.  I wish you my best.  Celeste

Thank you, Celeste, for always bringing a calming word!

I'm circling back with the results of my biopsy should anyone do a future search and need some reassurance (when Celeste/bubbles is busy!)

i had a needle core biopsy of the area on April 1, 2019, and between the initial ultrasound and the scheduled biopsy, the lump had shrunk to where I could no longer feel it (although it could be seen on the ultrasound that was done in conjunction with the biopsy)  My Dr just called to let me know that it was benign, with no sign of cancer cells or malignancy.    The official diagnosis reads "fibroconnective tissue with mild chronic inflammation".  While he couldn't say definitively what the cause was, he suspects it may be scar tissue from the original SLN biopsy surgery.

i hope this info is of some use to others, and I value the guidance and support we all have here.  Blessings to all ~