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Two days out

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Two days out

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12/16/2019 8:58am
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Hello again!
I am two days out from my procedures at Emory and I was totally fine and prepared for it until I woke up this morning in a panic. I know the procedure will be fine, I am just getting overly stressed because my brain likes to play tricks on me. I am set to have SLNB in my groin and WLE of my thigh on 12/18. I know that I have the best doctors available to me at Emory Winship, but I still just can’t get it out of my head that this just going to be terrible! I can’t get the “inevitable impending doom” out of my thoughts. I think is probably due to other things that are not normal going on with my body, like excessive bleeding when using the restroom. I had a colonoscopy about three years ago where they removed several “precancerous” polyps. I just don’t want to tackle more doctors appointments right now until I have gotten through the ones I already have in place with my melanoma/atypical spitzoid stuff.
Anyways, not sure why I am posting. I guess maybe I just needed somewhere to vent and freak out a little bit without it being directed to my family, they have all be super supportive but I just feel like I bog them down when I talk about anything that’s going on with me that is health related.

Wishing you all the best and happiest times with the holidays coming up!
Thank you for listening to me be a whiney baby.

Any tips would be appreciated for the healing process, I have gathered from reading others posts about the topic, that you can do things too quickly or too much and end up with a seroma. I would really like to not get one of those, but because I am overweight I probably will end up having one.
Sorry I am all over the place, I’ve had a hard time this morning trying to get my brain to put things in the right order before they come out of my mouth (or fingers.. because I’m typing and not actually speaking lol)

FurMama311 - (12/16/2019 - 9:06am)

I would also like to ask, if I am gonna be able to wear normal pants or should I go buy some that are really loose or something? I typically wear scrubs or dress pants on a daily basis so I don’t really own any yoga pants or leggings or anything.

lindy303 - (12/17/2019 - 1:02pm)

I had WLE on my thigh for T1A melanoma about a year ago, but no SNB. I would think you should be able to wear normal pants/scrubs, even though you may have a little swelling and bandages over the area. Depending on the area on your thigh, you'll have to be careful with exercise. I'm sure your doctor will give you instructions about what to avoid. Ice and elevation help a lot also!
Good luck to you!

JudiAU - (12/17/2019 - 1:22pm)

I’m basing my comments based solely on my hernia surgery but a loose pant (knit pajama) was far my comfortable than a snug yoga pant post-surgery. With a snug pant everything matters on the waist band which can be quite uncomfortable. I’d pack scrubs personally.

Also, I swell/shrink in the hospital from IV, weird medicines, and especially from steroids. A drawstring waist and might be helpful.

And don’t forget warm socks and maybe a cozy blanket. Best of luck on an easy surgery. Judi

MMH - (12/17/2019 - 1:32pm)

Thinking of you! I hope that once this step is complete you feel better physically and emotionally. It is so difficult, so hang in there and know that you are in good hands and that we are all cheering you on from the sidelines!

MMH (fellow spitzoid)