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TSH levels

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TSH levels

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12/19/2019 7:59pm
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Hi everyone, completed my yervoy/opdivo treatments a couple weeks ago. Next week I start just the opdivo treatment. Have lab work done prior to every treatment. Just trying to figure out what the TSH level means. After the first treatment it was normal, the for 2 months is was way below normal, now it is above normal. Had a free T3 and T4 done twice. T3 was high and T4 was low, the next time they were both normal or a point away. I don't understand the correlation between the TSH and the free T3 & T4. I thought once it went down, it would stay there? When should I worry about my thyroid not working at all? Ha


MichelleRHG - (12/20/2019 - 12:08pm)

Hi. My understanding is that when the TSH is low, it may mean your thyroid is overactive, therefore does not need TSH to stimulate hormone production. If thyroid is underactive and needs "revving up", the TSH kicks into high gear to try to stimulate the thyroid to secrete what it needs to.
However, at the end of the combo for me a few years ago, my levels were going crazy, with T4 high, TSH on the low end. My melanoma oncologist said this happens sometimes when the thyroid is about to fail as an attempt to get itself going again. She predicted those levels would reverse in a short amount of time, which they did, and now I take levothyroxine to replace the lack of hormone secreted by the thyroid. Your doctor will stay on top of this with labs. Let him/her know if you experience any symptoms of thyroid dysfunction before your next labs are drawn!