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Treatment -Opdivo immunotherapy

Treatment -Opdivo immunotherapy

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4/24/2019 4:51pm
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just wondering if anyone has been through this immunotherapy? I was considering doing this treatment. Was wanting to hear about what others have went through with it 


My initial diagosis was Stage IV, lung, liver, adrenal lymph and bone, unknown primary.  I did the Yervoy Opdivo every 3 weeks 4 times combo then Opdivo bevery two weeks.  I had treatment form Sep 2015 to Dec 2017.  I had to come off the Opdivo because of some nasty skin lesions and they planned on Prednesone as the treatment.  I had a clean scan in Oct 2017 and also in Dec 2017 when i went off the Opdivo.  Been NED up to and including today. ( knock on wood ).

I can only say it worked for me.


Dum vivimus, vivamus

My dad was diagnosed in Feb 2019 with Stage IV metastatic melanoma unkown primary.  He had his first treatment in March.  Rash, fatigue, and severe diarreah took over for about three weeks after pushing back second treatment.  Just had the second treatment a few days after getting an additional IV of inflixmaub to prevent severe diarreah for next treatment.  The second one has brought the rash back, stomach issues in both directions and fatigue.  In all, the doctor is happy with his progress, it seems as if the mass is shrinking and blood labs are stable.  Just have to remind him it is a process getting through the side effects and to hang on for better days.  Second pet scan scheduled for two weeks after third treatment, so end of May.  We have called several cancer hospitals across the country and all treatments that are not clinical are pretty much the same.  Just make sure you get a second opinion, my dad has  "overlapping  pathology reports" and another set of eyes just protects you more!Good luck to you.  This support group and the care givers one are a god send with information, stories, hope and insight.


My mom tried opdivo for 6 months, it did not succeed for her case. However, it was a very peaceful experience, she had no symptoms or side effects except for a moinor rash. Her oncologist believes it still helped slowing tumor growth, and it enhances overall survival in all cases. So, we donot regret it, it went ok and it was all worth it. 

Good Luck 


I have just had my 8th treatment of Nivolumab (Opdivo) and have 18 more to go. I go every week; one week for treatment, the next for blood tests and to speak to my consultant. I get 170mg over an hour with saline either side so it takes about an hour and a half all in. 

I do have side effects but it’s entirely manageable.

The evening of treatment and the following few days I am extremely fatigued but I recognise the pattern now and can manage my life round it. I have constipation and take a daily laxative. The treatment affected my thyroid and I initially became hyperthyroid but am now hypothyroid. I take levothyroxine and that controls the symptoms. I also have Pruritis (extreme itching) and take antihistamines. 

I’ve been on this since January and so far all my scans have been clear so I would recommend it as an option. 

Good luck 

My mom has been on Opdivo for about 8 months now. She's had no side effects. Her last scan showed her tumors have not grown and some were even smaller. Fingers crossed things are working! She is Stage IV.