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Tiny Skin Burn Sensor

Tiny Skin Burn Sensor

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12/7/2018 8:48am
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cancersnewnormal - (12/12/2018 - 12:44pm)

A friend of mine just sent me an article in "Research & Development Magazine" about this very thing! That article (see link below) discussed a bit more of the development, trials, and researchers behind it. What it failed to mention, is that it's already being marketed to the general public! Of course I had to have one. #gadgetgeek  Thanks for posting that article with the different/additional info! My wee lil sensor will be here Friday! Couldn't wait for Santa... I'm a patient with no patience. HA!

Exclusively an Apple product... but for those with iphones, they're avialable at apple stores or online. My Skin Track UV.