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Tingling Scar

Tingling Scar

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10/4/2019 6:48pm
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I know this may sound silly but I still need to ask. Has anyone had melanoma reoccur along their nerves? I had mine removed 7 years ago. My scar bothered me for awhile maybe even a year and then nothing unusual except if the weather got weird sometimes it would feel strange. However about 3 months ago it started to tingle off and on constantly. It almost feels like someone putting their hand over the scar. It happens regularly now. There are no bumps and the scar does not look at all changed.

Treadlightly - (10/4/2019 - 8:47pm)

Hi Mary Beth,

I had a melanoma removed (WLE)...nine years ago, and I still get twitches in the area. I have even felt sharp stabbing pains that lasted only a split-second in the surrounding skin. I will say that every year the sensations have been less intense and less frequent, but I still get twitches. I attribute all of this to the nerves that were severed and damaged in the 4 surgeries that I endured as I traversed my treatment journey. I suspect that what you have been feeling is similar to what I have experienced since my melanoma surgery.

Of course, you should always tell your doctor about any observations you have, at the next opportunity.

Best regards,
Mark 2A

JudiAU - (10/5/2019 - 12:08am)

I can’t tell if this matters in terms of melanoma but this is pretty common behavior for large scars in sensitive areas. My largest melanoma scar does not bother me much anymore 5+ but it did for a long time. And one under hair bothers me so much, feels like it is pulsating and swollen even though my husband says it looks fine.

MelanomaMike - (10/6/2019 - 11:42am)

Hi Mary Beth, oh ya, my very first WLE to my first lesion back in 2008 still gives me weird, tingling and sometimes mild painful Jolts! Its just above my left knee but i feel it more to its left side not really at the surgery point, ya gotta realize, they really get in there and scrap out all possibilitys of Mel Cells (hence the term and goal of Clean Margins!) Nerves are disrupted and some never really heal, blood vessels never really reattach completely etc. with ya on this! 11 years later!!.....

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