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TIL Treatment at The Angeles Clinic

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TIL Treatment at The Angeles Clinic

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7/13/2020 5:51pm
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TIL PROTOCOL IOVANCE C-144-01 - Phase 2 Study of Cell Transfer Therapy Using Autologous Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (LN-144) Followed by IL-2 for Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma [NCT02360579]
"Please go to and read this, it sounds like they may take you Mark, it reads brain mets are under exclusions but then says the following":
Patients with symptomatic and/or untreated brain metastases (of any size and any number)
Patients with definitively treated brain metastases may be considered for Enrollment, and must be stable for ≥ 14 days prior to beginning the NMA LD preconditioning regimen.
"I didnt catch if your BRAF positive but heres what it says"....
Patients who have been shown to be BRAF mutation positive (V600), but have not received prior systemic therapy with a BRAF inhibitor alone or a BRAF inhibitor in combination with a MEK inhibitor
I hope you can get over here to the US no matter what state, Texas has great doctors to!, just as world renowned as my doc Dr.Omid Hamid!

Nice of you to post that, Mike. Sounds promising.

Hi Mike, great idea and if you don't mind I will put up the actual trial link to trial. One thing to point out is it shows a hospital in London England on the location of sites at bottom of link page. Also, I am not sure if they are still taking patients, if you look at the status of the trial top right of link shows active, not recruiting.

Anonymous - (7/13/2020 - 9:06pm)

LN-145 is recruiting now, my wife has, god bless, just been cleared to participate. Still some hoops to jump but we are hopeful.

LN-145 is not for melanoma patients but cervical carcinoma.

Hi Ed
I have explored the London hospital but they aren’t recruiting as the ICU beds are full of Covid patients and they aren’t running these trials at the moment. Its very frustrating but I shall keep going. I am also exploring Israel that also do a lot of TILS work so will see what comes up

Hi Mike
Thanks very much for looking into this for me
I had replied on the other post as hadn’t seen this one yet, but the Iovance trial looks promising for me as i seem to meet most of the criteria with a bit of question on brain mets. I am seeing my UK consultant tomorrow afternoon and have a telephone call with Iovance to discuss eligibility and potential locations to join the trial. I have also been talking with Yale who may have space on a TILS trial but not sure which one yet. Potentially the East coast would be better for me for travel but I do love LA and California!!
I’m Braf negative so ok there as well.
Will keep everyone up to date with what’s going on