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Thanks Jim & Dave re: IPI/Temodar

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Thanks Jim & Dave re: IPI/Temodar

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8/6/2010 9:55am
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Thanks for your input.  In addition to MDA I have an appointment with Jeffrey Weber at Moffitt in Tampa next week and will compare notes.  If MDA is the place, I have a starting date of 9/3.  We will see what Moffitt has to offer.

I would like to continue receiving your input....progress, side effects, etc.

Take care.

Sue (Atlanta)


Hi Sue,

You have not offered much information about yourself, which is your right.  Moffit has a good regional reputation, but they are one of many good regional centers.  IMHO, if you want the best available, go to MDA.  In my case,  I wanted to take the best shot at his on my first try at treatment, not later after failure on something that was all that could be offered at a place nearby.  You are asking for information, not advice - I understand.  Best wishes to you whatever you decide!

Jim in Denver