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TGFBeta/PD1 trial started today

TGFBeta/PD1 trial started today

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3/25/2020 12:37am
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Partner started a new phase 2B trial today. TGF Beta, combined with a PD1.
The required 3 week washout period was really hard on him. The targeted drugs had started failing hence the change to the trial, but once he completely stopped taking them the subcutaneous lesions grew fast. 3 weeks ago he was riding his bike for miles through Hawaii, and yesterday couldn’t make it from cab into hospital without assistance because of the pain.
After the pain was under control they went ahead with treatment one.
In hospital over night for monitoring as this drug is hard on the heart.
We are hoping for a miracle/miraculous science.
The idea behind this trial was that it was meant for people who for some reason had some progression within the first 12 weeks on immunotherapy, and to find a solution for that group of patients.
I post this in case anyone else is currently looking into this trial, and have questions about our journey to get there, or if someone has been through it in phase 1, and has any insight on the treatment. No results are posted anywhere yet. It just got approved for 2A (in Canada anyways) about 2 weeks ago
I hope my rattie is the on the way to a cure.
Best to all.

Hi there Scared Partner, with many of the new drugs that are being combined with Pd-1 or Pd-L1 to over come resistance the focus of the research is outside of melanoma first with some of the other larger (by #'s cancers) so in looking for data we have to look outside of our own specific cancer. I have a couple of links for for where they talk about TGF-b and how scientist's are looking at it. First article has Dr. Drake (excellent researcher) and Dr. Allison (noble prize for discovery of CTLA-4 ,Ipi "Yervoy' drug used in the combination in melanoma ipi/nivo) fi you go to "Tumor microenvironment section and Improving the tumor Immune Microenvironment section you will find information about Transforming Growth factor Bets (TGF-b) . Second link is to Breast cancer research and on page 7 it gets into some of the trials and research going on in TGF-b in breast cancer. When I do new drug search's on the internet, I usually include solid tumors instead of melanoma or before melanoma to get a wider spread of article. Do you have the clinical trial # ??? Best Wishes!!! Ed

The Study # is TCD14678
SARS439459 in combo with cemiplimab.
I’ve done a bunch of reading on the idea of tgf-b, and what they hypothesize will happen, but I am at a loss for finding actual trials results in human.
I hope to pass on good news from our experience soon.

I came across a couple of links that might be helpful. Article on twitter has article on March 24 with a few links on it, some require purchase while others do not. Best Wishes!!! Ed

Thank you, Ed.
Those articles were great, and lead me to a few more.
I have so much hope for this treatment. It sounds like they’ve found a way around the toxicity.
I appreciate your time you put into finding those.
Thank you so much.

Ratties Rock!!! So do their dear ones!!! Hang in there! Fingers crossed for a good response and wishing you both my best. Celeste