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Teen son picked off mole- worried

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Teen son picked off mole- worried

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11/27/2019 11:01am
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My son has had a small totally benign "freckle" on his nose, by the crease of his nostril, for a few years. He is 14. I have history of mm in-situ and he is seen yearly.
It was the most benign looking thing ever, but seemed to be a bit raised lately.. maybe the last month. I normally worry, but I attributed it to puberty and thought maybe it was just irritated or becoming an intradermal nevus.
Monday night he all of a sudden picked at it and it is essentially gone with a big zit looking thing in its place. White hard center, red inflamed skin and I don't even know if any pigment is left. He is going to derm today but I thought i would post to see if anyone had thoughts.

I don't know if mole became tad raised from him picking or he picked and irritated it, or if it was puberty or something bad going on in this spot (2mm light tan, completely benign looking) I also don't know if it's an infected mole, a zit under the mole or irritated mole or what. I don't know if derm will even know at this point and if he would biopsy or just see how it heals. I also wonder if picking at the mole can make it risky to morph into cancer.
It definitely didn't spontaneously become angry- he picked at it and caused the issue now, but I am worried what to do if the pigment doesn't grow back. Also don't want to rush to biopsy in case it's hard to read being so inflamed and it's on his face...

I have anxiety so I may be overthinking this!

Thanks and best wishes to all of you!!

I think you’ll just have to wait until your derm sees it. There are skin growths that have a tail though. When they are removed the tail has to be removed to. It is possible that is what you are seeing. And of course a deep pimple near the growth could have been what caused him to start picking.