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Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy

Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy

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11/6/2019 9:13pm
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Has anyone added Keytruda/Opdivo while taking Targeted Therapy?

Hi - my husband has been on Tafinlar since 2013 and was mostly stable over the years. Main problem was occasional recurrence in his brain. Added Keytruda in 2016 but discontinued after a brain edema issue. and then retried Keytruda in late 2017. Has had a few scans with no evidence of disease in 2019. Still on Keytruda and 1/2 dose of Tafinlar but may be increasing Tafinlar as his last scan shows some new activity in his spleen. The combo of Tafinlar/Keytruda didn't cause any additional significant side effects. His main complaint is joint/muscle pain and fatigue which he's had on a continuous basis with the Tafinlar.. Hope this combo works for you. Take care

Ann...thank you for your reply. I will make this as short as I can. My husband has been on Braftovi/Mektovi and everything was shrinking or some spots gone. But he had to dose down due to severe abdominal cramping. So some areas grew. We have a wonderful oncologist who just came from MD Anderson. He is doing radiation to his hip area now . She is considering options and one is to go back on full dose of Braftovi/Mektovi and add a few doses of Keytruda. So thank you for letting me know how you treatment went. ♥️ Trusting God.