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Taf/Mek: too many side effects

Taf/Mek: too many side effects

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Summer S.
11/7/2019 2:34pm
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Hi everybody,

It is my mom’s third week on the combo,

She has been suffering fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and coughing, eye redness and fatigue

I know each of these symptoms alone is trivial, but altogether are really giving her hard time, and she does not seem to be enjoying her daily life.

I wonder how many side effects are too many, and when it is right to take a medicine holiday?

Also, does any body have a similar experience? Does it get better with time?

The cumulative effect of the side effects do take a toll. I'd report any and all side effects to your mom's medical team. It does seem like a reduction in dosage would be in order based on what she's experiencing. My husband suffered through several bouts with extreme fevers/chills landing him in the hospital. It took trial and error before reaching the best dosage for him. He's been on 3/4 dose of Tafinlar since 2013..


I had about 7 side effects at the same time until after the combo then some went away. When I got the side effects I was extremely happy I looked at it like this. If my immune system is wrecking havoc on other parts of my body imagine what it is doing to the melanoma. I know they suck and I still worked a full time job but side effects is a small price to pay for living. After the combos some will go away.