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Swollen Lymph Node post Radiation

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Swollen Lymph Node post Radiation

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5/7/2020 10:41am
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I had surgery to remove part of my parotid gland 10 weeks ago. 45 nodes were removed and all were clear. Had 1 node with melanoma within the gland. I had radiation therapy to my neck and finished 10 days ago. Now I have a lymph node starting to swell beside the original incision. My question is , can radiation therapy cause lymph nodes to swell? I appreciate any responses.

This is completely unscientific, but I have decided that my lymph nodes swell and hurt when they're working. I mean, when they're "processing" the dead cancer. I haven't had radiation, but after I finished immunotherapy, I still had some tumours left. PET scan showed that they were inactive, but still there. Then my lymph nodes started hurting. They hurt worse and worse for a few weeks...and then the tumours were gone!

I was very nervous for those weeks, because it seemed to be getting worse, not better. I also had one node there with melanoma, and that was the area that was hurting the worst. But it was all for good. :-)

Thx. My concern is I just finished radiation and now I have a swollen lymph. I will be taking immunotherapy in a couple weeks, but the reason I had surgery and radiation to my neck was to remove and kill the 1 melanoma node.

Radiation can definitely cause inflammation so it could be from that.

Thank you. I have 1 node that has swelled 7 days after finishing 30 Grey to that area.