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Swelling 9 months after last ipi - PET clear

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Swelling 9 months after last ipi - PET clear

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8/29/2020 3:20pm
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How long has the swelling lasted after completing treatment? Hubby's still on prednisone 5mg (2.5 yrs) and still experiencing intermittent facial swelling, skin redness, rashes, vertigo... Every time he tries to taper, it gets worse. He had a grade 4 rash with his first dose of Keytruda and Opdivo. Went to only opdivo for his next 11 months. Has always had the swelling and symptoms.

We are grateful for the survival of the stage IV melanoma. He had a 13cm lesion under his left arm and seven internal lesions. We had our first treatment in September 2018 with dramatic reduction in tumor load BEFORE Christmas. We continued treatment until November 2019.