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Surgery time

Surgery time

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3/15/2019 11:43pm
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How long is SLNB surgery usually? My husband has 1 node behind his chest wall and a few others that need to be removed. He's going to have a drain and the surgeon has moved the procedure from the outpatient facility to the actual hospital because of the 1 behind his chest wall. Does this mean an over night stay and on average how long does the procedure take?



MarkR - (3/16/2019 - 2:39am)


My SLNB was limited to my armpit and took about 45-60 mins and I went home that night.  Because of the drain I’m sure it will at least one night in hospital but couldn’t say how long it will take.

Best wishes


Lucygoose - (3/16/2019 - 9:23am)

I’m having neck dissection surgery for a large lymph node positive for melanoma and all the lymph nodes in the same right cervical basin. I will stay overnight and have a drain that will stay in for several days.  

So I do think the fact they are going into the chest wall could lead to a night in the hospital.  I am actually comforted by the fact I’ll be there the night after surgery.  

Hope this helps.   


jsmith279 - (3/16/2019 - 11:28pm)