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Stomach problems with Keytruda

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Stomach problems with Keytruda

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12/2/2019 9:32am
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I've been diagnosed with gastritis and duodenitis, and I think I've had mild colitis for a while. Will all of this go away when I'm done with Keytruda?

MelMel - (12/2/2019 - 11:19pm)

Both gastritis and duodenitis are related and should clear up or at least greatly improve if you change your diet. Many people have gastritis prior to starting treatment and are not aware however treatment may excerbate these issues. Diet is the key. Increase fiber, eliminate high fat, fried foods, caffeine, alchohol and pop. Eat smaller but more frequent meals with the last one being at least three hours before bedtime. I had gastritis prior to my melanoma diagnosis and diet helped tremendously. My GI Dr gave me two anti acid meds to take daily, plus anti nausea med. I refused all and solved my issue with diet alone.
Best of luck

I don't know how to improve my diet any more. I already eat really well: high fiber, nothing fried, no sugar at all. My only vice is a little coffee. :-) And I've cut that out to see if it helps. I never had any stomach trouble until all this started.

Stage 4 in April 2019, NED from April 2020, thanks to Keytruda and lots of prayer!

Gotta love it when folks blame the patient, huh Tsvetochka???! Good for you for LIVING a healthy diet/life! I am a huge advocate for that and exercise and all that good stuff. Have done it ALL my life! And though it didn't save me from melanoma or other difficulties, I am still glad I did. All that said, YES! Yes, immunotherapy (including Keytruda) can cause gastric upset of many sorts - from nausea to full blown colitis that causes a drug holiday and treatment. And, yes - as someone who had their last dose of Opdivo in June of 2013 - the various side effects immunotherapy causes do go away. Not the minute you stop treatment. Not the day after. But in my case, and via the reports of many others, gradually. Usually in fits and starts. Sometimes re-tirggered by who knows what. But, gradually post treatment, the crazy begins to subside!

Hang in there. It's not easy, but you got this!!! I wish you my best. Celeste

Interesting. I was not blaming the patient in the least. I merely noted a simple fact that many people aren't aware of having acid reflux issues until a health professional points it out. Working in a dental office as a dental hygienist, we see many people with evident acid wear on their dentition and they are completely oblivious and unaware that they even have an acid problem. Regardless of what you feel or think about the diet, having a healthy diet means very different thing to each and every one of us, since we all have our own ideas what exactly constitutes healthy eating. Most North Americans think they eat healthy yet they have the highest rates of diabetes in the world and most have diabetes for years before they are even aware and diagnosed. Acid reflux is very much like that. Once again, I was merely making a suggestion and no blame of any kind was ever intended. Sometimes people are unaware or just don't know and are uninformed. However, if you feel taking a pill is better, the choice is entirely the person's who is suffering. Their body, their choice. My only intention was to inform in hopes of helping. I have absolutely no other personal gain.
I find that people who feel threatened or insecure in some way are the ones who throw temper tantrums, and make nasty and satirical comments. These are really unnecessary since I am not threatening you nor anyone else nor vice versa. We are here because we have one thing in common. I am happy your fight seems over being NED but there are many of us who are in active fight against melanoma with active tumors as we speak.
A little kindness and less sarcasm goes a long way. Maybe you should practice what you preach?
Best regards,

You clearly don't know anything about me or my "fight". That's fine. In my experience here and in life, assumptions cause lots of trouble but humor helps. "Nasty satirical comments" with an analysis of my psyche? Wow! Thanks for the couch time! Have a good one, Mel! c

Thank you so much! I am feeling better already. I saw a gastroenterologist who was really helpful and optimistic. And your encouragement helps.

Stage 4 in April 2019, NED from April 2020, thanks to Keytruda and lots of prayer!

YAY!!! Glad you are feeling better! c