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Still out here (stage IIb, 2009)

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Still out here (stage IIb, 2009)

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2/12/2020 3:28am
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Hi guys,

Sorry for not getting back here, you have helped me in the past through some difficult times.

My melanoma story started in 1991 when i had my first mole removed (which turned out to be melanoma). It was thick, but the only check done at that time was the 3 months check.
Fast forward to 2008, when i noticed a mole changing.
Went to a dermatologist in May to have it checked. He told me it looked totally fine. However, i wanted it removed, which he did in September.

In September it turned out to be melanoma after all. SND turned out to be uncertain, but they thought it was ok.
In 2009 (July) i felt a lump in my lymph nodes, which turned out to be cancer.

I participated in a double blind trial with ipilimumab (10 mg).
After getting a collitis after the 4th infusion i was certain i was on the ipi side. I ended the trial after 8 infusions as a result of side effects.

Last year the trial was unblinded and i happed to be in the placebo group.
So even more than before, happy to be out here.

Yesterday i went for my yearly check which resulted in either the removal or a punch biopsy today.
In the last 10 years they removed one mole which was atypical and i had many pictures taken and reviewed after a couple of months.
Getting nervous...

I'm so glad the developments continued so even if things turn out to be cancer again, the situation today is so much better than it was 11 years ago.

Let's hope for the best. Results to be discussed on the 26th.

Its not possible to change after posting, right?
I'm stage IIIb instead of II.

I was going to ask because you said they found it in your Lymphnodes. Glad you're still here and that's pretty weird you got colitis on the placebo arm. Wonder if someone messed up.