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Staycation for me after Ipi/nivo round 2

Staycation for me after Ipi/nivo round 2

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8/12/2019 2:20pm
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You know the symptoms - colitis that can't be controlled with the prednisone and Imodium .

Within two to three hours of eating I got rid of just about everything. Fever-spiking to 102 and down as low as 95.5 Sent Me to the ER and I was admitted. GI teams are looking to see if something more then symptom management is required

I plan to refuse the next combo, and go to Nivo only when they clear me for continued treatment.

Anyone else experience this?

After my 1st ipi + nivo immunotherapy, I had very bad diarrhea and lost too much weight. 3 weeks and 6 weeks later I received only nivo. I received my 2nd ipi + nivo immunotherapy 9 weeks after my 1st one. My oncologist cut my dose of ipi by 50% for my 2nd, 3rd and 4th infusions of ip + nivo.

Aaaaah! I feel so bad for you NewEra! I was VERY fortunate to not get Colitis after any of the 3 meds, Pembro, Ipi or Nivo, and you all know what happened to me after my first infusion of Ipi/Nivo! 6 days after i began a week & a half (about 10 days) of ZERO appitite, severe vomiting, pounding head when i got up or down, i even went to the ER and they didnt know what to do, my wife actually saved my misery! She brought home dome Megace (Megestrol) appitite stimulant, shes a care giver & the old man "Max" said Go ahead! Anything for Mike! (He was so cool bless his heart, RIP 2018) within 24hrs i was eating again & all symptoms stopped. Afterwards, an Endocrinologist revealed i do not produce Cortisol anylonger, that Yervoy knocked that out of me! After that downfall, i went on to complete the next 3 combos...
Well, hopefully you can get back on track, Colitis is no joke, just Opdivo may be the way to go...

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