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Stage IV Melanoma and Multiple Sclerosis

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Stage IV Melanoma and Multiple Sclerosis

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5/5/2020 7:28pm
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I have Stage IV Melanoma and Mutliple Sclerosis. I am currently on Tafinlar/Mekinis, which has worked well to reduce the tumors (multiplelymph nodes involved). As we all probably have been told, the Tafinilar/Mekinist combo normally is only effective for 9-14 months. I have been on the treatment for almost 2.5 years and, except for the unfortunate side effects, am doing well. Should the melanoma spread to other areas, I am told the next step would be immunotherapy. However, since I have MS, I have been told by experts that I am not a candidate for immunotherapy. I'd like to know if anyone has both advanced Melanoma and MS and, if so, have you had immunotherapy. It's hard to hear that, in the event the cancer spreads, I have not other treatment opnitions. I appreciate your help.

I do not have MS, but I can imagine the worry on both the points you raise. As to the effective time on targeted therapy, you are right as to the average time before tumor work around. However, you have already proven to be an exception to that rule! For another wonderful exception, you might look at posts on this forum by Richard_K. Here is one of his latest posts:

As to folks tolerating immunotherapy despite other pre-existing immune conditions, there is this:
And this:

Hope that helps. I wish you my best. celeste