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Stage 2 to stage 3 -18 yrs later!

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Stage 2 to stage 3 -18 yrs later!

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6/28/2020 4:00am
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I was diagnosed in 2002 stage 2 and have been NED and healthy until this month when a lump I found in my groin was found to be positive for melanoma . I am a week post op ( both inguinal and iliac nodes removed ) and will go on Pembrolizumab (Keytrudra - I live in Uk) for a year.

My oncologist tells me it is rare for it to spread so many years later ,but it happens. He reassured me Melanoma treatments have progressed beyond recognition since my first primary 18 years ago and I feel optimistic. Over the years melanoma sank to the back of my thoughts but I never became complacent( so pleased to find this site is still running and so supportive). I hope my post doesn’t scare anyone but it is a shout out to be vigilant with your body so you recognise changes.

Sorry for the bad news Jackie, but good that you were vigilant and caught this early, also that the NHS (I assume / hope) took it out quickly and also that the put you on pembro (I guess this is adjuvant treatment since now all removed?)..
Keep an eye out for side effects but, aside from fatigue of differing degrees, for most of us they are not too bad.
Best wishes Mark