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Stage 1a to liver infection with sepsis

Stage 1a to liver infection with sepsis

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2/9/2019 8:01am
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Hi, have found much knowledge and inspiration from reading posts.  My husband was diagnosed with stage 1a three months ago had wide excision for .07 mm breslow, clear margins and being early stage life goes on.  Did consult with two well known Melanoma Surgeon/Oncologists who both stated they don’t usually take appointments with early stsge but were kind to see my husband for one appointment and suggested follow up’s with our experienced dermatologist for three month checks would be appropriate.  Just had his three month full skin screening, his excision checked, lymph nodes checked along with self checks and all was good.  Until today.  

Now he is in the emergency room with liver abscesses and sepsis. Came on fast wasn’t feeling great for a week, had a cold and was pushing through it as his Dad was in hospice before passing two days ago.  Cat Scan with dye came back as multiple small abscesses, they can’t drain them as they are small.  Liver function is normal.  I am worried his stsge 1a melanoma on upper shoulder has now metastasis to the liver.  I asked the ER Dr. if they could rule out tumors/Mets on the Cat Scan and he said not sure because the infection.  They are currently treating with IV antibiotics in hopes the infection will reduce.  Then take more scans to make sure infection is reducing.  

When my husband was first diagnosed with stage 1a you always wonder if you will be the unlucky 3-5%.  Scared but trying to stay strong.  Thank you for listening and hoping for some thoughts and insight.