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Small painless nodule on helix of ear

Small painless nodule on helix of ear

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3/14/2019 5:14pm
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So I am a bit of a worrier. I felt this small bump on my helix of my ear. Went to the dermatologist and she said we could watch it or biopsy it. It was not even like a raised spot more like a bump with no borders.

so now I have myself convinced I had a flesh colors nodule melanoma - is this at all rashional ?

bad news is test results not for 7-10 days

i may die of a heart attach waiting


Sorry to hear and I know your anxiety because I had the same nodule behind my ear plus swollen lymph node under the clear skin colored nodule. Yes mine became a scare after surgery to remove and due to path report stating stage IV melanoma. Started on Keytruda June 2018 and all signs of melanoma disappeared until Feb. 2019 and Pet Scan showed spot on lung. Now off of Keytruda and starting new targeted therapy with Tafinlar and Mekinist, pills of chemo taking by mouth. Should be starting by Monday and hopefully dissolve away this 11mm melanoma sitting on top of my lung. You should be fine just never give in or give up, new drugs to help us us every day!

Hi Sus69Riez, good luck with the Targeted therapy ( there are pills, just not Chemo pills) , kind of curious why they didn't biopsy the spot on your lung since many patients see things on scans involving lungs that end up being nothing. Did they tell you, if on the Pet scan there was SUV uptake and how big was the spot if you don't mind me asking.

Had biopsy of lung, positive for melanoma and spot was 11mm. the nodule behind ear was like a small flesh colored pimple. The lymph node below on same side was positive too. Was on Keytruda from June 1st 2018 until Jan 2019 when the spot on lung showed up, now on the Tafinlar and Mekinist.

Anonymous - (3/15/2019 - 5:44pm)


sorry to hear this- if I could ask was your bump behind your ear or on the helix- top flap? And how big was it? 

Nodule was behind ear, small pimple size and also lymp node below ear came back positive.

Hi anon, 

While there are plenty of folks who do have bad experiences...if you had a local lesion as you are likely dealing with something other than melanoma.  However, you did the right thing in having it biopsied.  I know the wait is hard...but you will get the path report back and I will keep fingers crossed that it is negative for melanoma.  However, even if it is will likely be Stage I.  Still, should there be more to it than that, there are melanoma treatments available that can be very effective so there is still lots of hope.  I am a Stage IV patient who has been dealing with melanoma for over 16 years and am currently disease free.  Hang in there.  I wish you my best.  Celeste

Anonymous - (3/15/2019 - 5:10pm)

Thanks Celest, so the fact that this small bump was colorless - I would hope is a good thing? The derm said she saw some pigment cells below the surface but said this is many times normal in the helix due to sun exposure- does this sound accurate?