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Skull tumours - update

Skull tumours - update

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sister of patient
2/12/2020 11:04am
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Just posting this to add to the knowledge bank - in case anyone else is ever searching for info on this topic:

My sister, Leisa, had two skull lesions discovered last fall, after 2 years of being NED. One is located on the inside of her forehead, right frontal lobe area; the other is in the back of the skull and is in an area that is totally inoperable. The first was discovered with a regularly scheduled MRI, the second was found with followup scans that included a bone scan, CT of just the head and repeated MRI. A treating neurosurgeon wanted all scans repeated and then a PET scan done pending a plan to remove the lesion from her forehead (like a WLE but in bone). BUT - great news - after all scans were repeated (no PET), images are showing that both of them have decreased in size by half - yayyy!!!! So, plan now is just to watch and see what they do. They've never really acted like mets - they could actually just be cysts on the bone but of course, with her history, they are suspect. For now, we're happy with this!!!!!

Wishing great things for everyone here!!


Bubbles - (2/12/2020 - 1:06pm)

The wonderful things about scans and the bad things about scans all rolled into one, Barb!!! On the down side we find all our ditzels - then we have to figure out what they mean!!! On the good side - when they shrink (and hopefully disappear) - we get to celebrate!!! So I'm taking this as a big YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best! So happy for your sis. May the unknown blotches continue to diminish!!! love, c

lkb - (2/13/2020 - 12:53am)

Wishing you and your sister the very best results and a successful watch n' waitl! We likes the sound of shrinking, yes!

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