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Sks2019 update

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Sks2019 update

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2/20/2020 1:48pm
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In case people have been looking at my posts and wondering what has been going on with my mom. I am writing an update more of to vent it out.
Mom's liver mets are growing and growing fast. PET/CT on Jan 10 the biggest tumor size was 7.6x7.7 cm with many small ones 2- 3 cm . Now CT on Feb 14 showed biggest tumor is 9.2x6.8 cm
so almost 2 cm in less than 30 days. CT also reveals spot on right kidney not sure what it means but given how things have been going on with her. I woudnt be surprised if its mets.

SHe had no treatment since nov 5 (ipi/nivo side effects) , Is very tired and nausauted , having adrenal insufficiency so taking 15mg hydrocortisone for that.

Tumor burden is taking over as her energy is gone and she has lost appetitie due to nausea .
Today she will be starting a trial with NIRAPARIB. Please pray it works for her.
At this point I am just preparing myself for the worst scenario :(

tkoss - (2/20/2020 - 7:46pm)

is the green melanoma 'cell' one cell or many?

JudiAU - (2/20/2020 - 9:10pm)

I’m sorry. I hope the new regime helps.

jbronicki - (2/21/2020 - 12:00pm)

I'm so sorry, this is such a tough disease and to watch someone you love as much as your mother go through it is devastating. Please know that you are being such a wonderful caregiver and support to her, and I'm sure she is so glad to have you by her side. Many hugs, praying that the new trial is helpful in stopping this. I just read a little bit on Niraparib in ovarian cancer and the open-label study they are doing with Melanoma, very interesting and hopefully will help and quickly. Many hugs to you and your mom. This is tough situation.

Jackie <3