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Should I be more urgent about this?

Should I be more urgent about this?

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2/12/2019 12:01am
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Hi all,

I hope you're annoyed by these kinds of posts. I previously had testicular cancer and my grandfather died from melanoma so I might be a bit paranoid. I have two bumps on my legs that the doctor is planning on removing one month from now, but I failed to show him a couple of suspicious moles. The one that I'm mostly concerned is linked here. 

With how this mole looks, I'm wondering if I should be more urgent about this than one month? It is located on my chest and I've had it forever, but it has changed how it has expanded past the border and it's kind of bumpy in a weird way.

Picture of it:

I learned with my TC it was literally a race against time.. and I was vigilant enough to avoid chemotherapy. 

Thanks for any advice.




I hope you're NOT annoyed by this post. Sorry, typo! 

Anonymous - (2/12/2019 - 11:10am)

Don’t Wait. See your doctor and get it removed and tested. 

No way to tell if it is melanoma from looking at a picture.  However, since you feel it has changed, that would be a reason to get it evaluated sooner than later.  Most dermatologists save some appointments for patients that have concerning lesions -- call and ask to be seen sooner.

Strength and Courage,