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Short Interview with Jim Allison "Ipi" inventor

Short Interview with Jim Allison "Ipi" inventor

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ed williams
8/13/2019 9:57am
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There are some great people behind melanoma cancer research and at the top of the list is Dr. Allison who works out of MD Anderson.

Dr. Allison won the Nobel Prize on Oct. 1, 2018 and I remember being awe struck as I heard about it on the radio. On Oct. 12 th I was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma and on Nov. 2 nd I received the drug he helped invent. Definitely an eye opening experience and I feel extremely blessed to be able to enjoy the benefits of his life's dedication.
Thank you to Dr. Allison and many others who dedicate their careers to help people like us. Eternally grateful.

What a great testimony Melanie!

Thanks for sharing, Edster! Obviously great thanks for the perseverance and brilliance of docs and researchers like Dr. Allison. But.....gotta say.....even MORE thanks to the ratties!!!

It takes a village!! c