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Sending you love, Julie (Julie in SoCal)!!!

Sending you love, Julie (Julie in SoCal)!!!

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7/10/2019 10:32am
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I've been holding you in my heart, Julie. Hope all the melanoma crapola has been removed from your arm without too much horror and you are kicking some TKI bootie!!! Sometimes things suck soooooooo much. But, I know your bright light, beautiful spirit, and incredible sense of humor are hanging in there!!!

And....because we are who we are - there is this:

Seriously, why couldn't we just have been part of Bernie's top 5%? WHY????????? Big hugs! Celeste

Aww! You're the best, Celeste (yes it rhymes!). Thanks for the Love!

Bernie's top 5% would be awesome!!!!! Our 4% not so much! But you're right! There still is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF BEAUTY! just had to yell that one. I had always wondered how cancers correlated. If mel and other solid tumor cancers clustered or what the deal is. I also sort of intuited that Mel plus another cancer is more common than other cancers plus one. Mel is just perverse enough to call his friends to the party. Thanks for the research.

The TKis came on board on Sat night . So far I'm just tired, and have a bit of a touchy stomach. I'm a part of another group for NSCLC and specifically EGFR Mutants on TKIs. Their motto is "never trust a fart". Seems like wisdom to me!

Thanks again!

Blessings and Peace to you and yours!

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Stage 3a 2017 NSC VATs; Carboplatin & Pemextred; radiation

You are a wonder, Julie!!! I knew you would still be you, no matter what Mel and Larry and their cures throw at you!!! I hope your TKI side effects become no worse. As my son used to say to those who might poot on a run (It's a bunch of boys running cross country thing!!!), "Careful or you'll SHART!!!!" HA! Love you bunches. Keep us posted on all the sucky crap and BEAUTY you find on this, 9 zillionth stage of your journey. love, c

Hay sis! Sending some good "vibrational crystal incrusted prayer darts your way!""...Sure is heating up here in our neighborhood huh? Today was like 100 degrees or so, i hate having our shared illness and heat, doesnt mix well! Love ya SoCal Sister.!...

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!

Yeah, this is a 5% that isn't as much fun as mega millions. Bernie's trying to break up the 5% and hope we break up the double whammy cancer group as well in the future. Many hugs Julie, just like with Mike and what Celeste went through this year, it does really suck to know you are facing a lot. You are such a sunshine when you post. My face just literally starts smiling. Many hugs, Jackie

Jackie <3