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Seeking for any advice (newbe)

Seeking for any advice (newbe)

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Michael P.
8/12/2019 6:36pm
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Hello everyone,
First, I have to note, this site and your community is truly amazing - made kind of great impression on me.
About myself - male, 49 years old, no history of previous health conditions/issues of any kind.
9 month ago I was diagnosed with Melanoma (1.2 mm / stage 1B). Surgically removed (wide excision performed) about a month after diagnosis, 2 lymph nodes taken out for biopsy. Lymph nodes test came out negative, excision margins were clean and results confirmed there was no residual melanoma in excision. I was not sent for a PET scan, my doctor did not recommend it at this stage. Was told, prognosis is excellent.
Last 5-6 month I am experiencing annoying pain (come and go) in right flank, not far away from the place where the melanoma was removed. Ultrasound and CT scan did not show anything.
Seeking for any advice or if anyone had similar experience. Also, seeking for general advice on preventive/protective measures I should take to ensure risk of return melanoma is minimal.
Thanks in advance

Hi Michael P., im a Michael P. to! But i go by MelanomaMike...Hmmm, maybe your right side pain could be Kindneys? You didnt mention "where" exactly your surgery was previously, if my calculations are correct, your pain started about 2 or 3 months after your Lymphnodes where removed? Could be nerve pain, spasms, or phantom pains from the lymphnode biopsy, nothing is ever the same after surgerys...Let your doctors know about it though!! With that timeline (started just after lymph node removal) i say its healing pains...

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!

Hello Mike, thank you for your reply! I notice your nickname here on the Forum, what a coincidence that we both share same initials:)
They removed lymph nodes from armpit, that area does not bother me at all. Your calculation right, the place where I have some pain is in the same area with right kidney. I did ultrasound of that area twice in last 6 month, nothing was found. Don't know what to do next about it, but you might be right that this is just some of the phantom pain or due to some muscular/tissue tensions.
Do you have any practical advice for me in terms of protection and prevention of melanoma to come back? Would be great to hear from you!
Once again, nice to meet you Mike and thanks in advance.
All the best to you!
Mike P.