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Second opinion in Seattle area

Second opinion in Seattle area

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6/10/2019 11:11pm
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Hi everybody,

I posted here once before - my partner has melanoma (original tumour removed in 2017, it is now spread to regional lymph nodes). We are seriously considering postponing surgery and starting with neoadjuvant therapy instead. Our oncologist recommends lymphadenectomy, so does our surgeon (who also removed the original tumour). In order to make a decision that is as informed as possible we will be seeking a 2nd opinion.

My question is for folks who are in Seattle area - I'm interested to hear your experiences with specific doctors - who would you recommend (or not, as the case might be)? If you're not comfortable posting publicly, please reach out to me at

Thank you!

BrianP - (6/18/2019 - 11:51pm)


Don't have a recommendation for Seattle but Dr. Curti in Portland is very highly regarded in the Melanoma community. I had a friend who was a patient and really spoke highly of him.

Ryan, Sorry Late to this thread. I have been less frequent here for a while. Hello to all the great peeps here
Dr. Byrd, surgery, is the man.
Also have known Dr. Bhatia for a few years. Feel free to contact me directly with specific questions