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10/11/2018 2:08pm
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Hello All, 

  I originally was diagnosed with IIIA SS Melanoma of the left leg with 3 microscopic cell ins in SN, completed the full 52 weeks of InterferonA and have been NED since 2010, unitl now. I found a 2cm lump where I had a RLND and my Oncologist is sure this is recurrent Melanoma. Ultrasound of the mass shows it to be 2cm. I have not had any other testing as of yet or scans for the last 3 years. 

I have searched for information regarding prognosis, current therapies ( my Oncolgist) is testing my original tumor for BRAF as is was not available when I was first diagnosed and the need had not arisen until now. 

Does anyone have any wisdon they can offer who have gone through a similar or like experience. 



cancersnewnormal - (10/11/2018 - 5:00pm)

I'm sure your doc will set up scans (if you're not already having regularly scheduled CT's) to check for any additional metastasis. If none is found, you will have the option of having this new lump removed and continueing on your merry NED way once again... with or without the added benefit of doing adjuvent anti-PD1 therapy (Opdivo or Keytruda). If there is metastasis elsewhere, you will have a few choices, depending upon the results of that BRAF status. 

Bubbles - (10/11/2018 - 9:53pm)

Here is a primer I put together on current melanoma therapies that you may find helpful:  

I wish you my best.  celeste

MelanomaMike - (10/12/2018 - 8:25pm)

Hi Beth, im Mike, well, doing the math, we both have close Primary dates, mine being 2008 yours?2009? Going back 52 weeks from 2010..Mine was in left leg as well, i just had biopsy & surgery (stage 3b) and did not do any chemical type treatment, just healed up & went on my way! of course to have 6 future "re- occurrences" & #6 being a 2nd Primary (tumor not DNA related to past 5 surgery/tumors)..i often wondered "if" i had done chemo or Ipi after that 1st surgery of 2008, what would be of me today? After reading your post, i guess that could have been my strong Beth! Were a here for you!!

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..