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Recurrence Questions

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Recurrence Questions

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7/14/2020 3:47pm
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Hi all,

I'm still in the relatively early stages of watching out for recurrence. In march I had a WLE and SNLB (negative) for a 2b melanoma on my ear. I'm vigilant about watching for signs of melanoma but am still so confused. I've been to numerous doctors and oncologists. I'm trying to learn what to watch for and what to worry about. They basically all say that anything can be a sign of melanoma, which is not super comforting. I've been worrying over red spots as now I am getting them due to summer and covering my skin more when I exercise. I have a derm appointment next week but was looking to get some early thoughts. I have a newer red mark below my collar bone near the center of my chest from late last week that is very slightly raised - much smaller than a grain of rice. It seems to react to hydrocortisone cream and becomes less red until I irritate it exercising. I had another bump like it somewhat near by that I can still kind of see but is no longer red and has drastically shrunk in size.

I'm going to ask the derm next week but I was wondering
1. would melanoma react to hydrocortisone and become less red?
2. could in-transit or distant metastasis become smaller?
3. is raised the big cue for melanoma recurrence? It's tough because my skin is so sensitive that i get lots of red irritation marks that are not really raised.

Thanks all.

Hi Boatski,
I would say no to your questions. I learned a lot about my skin from my dermatologist. He/she will be able to point out the different types of spots on your skin. My derm especially wants me to notify her of "ugly ducklings", those spots that don't match anything else on your body. Thats how I found my melanoma. So be vigilant and see your derm every 3 months.

November 2017- Stage 2A Lentigo melanoma excision and graft .
June 2020- Stage 4 progression. Started Keytruda August 2020. BRAF not mutated.

boatski - (7/14/2020 - 5:11pm)

Thanks for the reply. I'm learning and asking lots of questions. I find that when I leave I have a million new questions.

Was yours tender or sore at all? I imagine it's always different, just curious.

JudiAU - (7/14/2020 - 6:36pm)

My reoccurrence was about five years after my 2B mole was removed. I still don’t have have any symptoms from melanoma. It was not found on an X-ray. The found the brain met because I had unrelated brain tumor and it was follow up for that. It was new, within three months, and already quite large. A CT then showed a few more spots.

Only some people will see marks on their skin. Just be aware and see your dermatologist regularly. For what it is worth, my original melanoma oncologist did not recognize the symptoms of my brain tumor. It took another six months for someone to match the symptoms.

jetdoctor67 - (7/15/2020 - 1:03pm)

Back in Oct 2017 I had a small spot on my left ear that wouldn't heal. After waiting four months finally went to the dermatologist and had biopsy which confirmed melanoma. Had the WLE & SNLB (negative) to remove the melanoma off my left ear which put me at stage 2b. I Also had the DecisionDX test performed that put me in a higher risk for 2b. Had a couple of suspicious spots removed over the last couple years but all came back benign. So far so good with no re-occurrence.