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recently lost my husband to the BEAST

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recently lost my husband to the BEAST

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8/13/2010 1:09pm
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My name is Laura. I recently lost my husband to the Beast in May. I am having a rough time dealing with his passing. Wanted to know if there are any other widows or widowers out there to talk with. It is so hard to go from living, breathing melanoma for so long as a caregiver, to just stop now. I would like to help in any way possible to get the awareness out there for melanoma. If anyone knows of any volunteer work in Colorado. I would love to help. I have never done this before but would like to set up a support group specifically for Melanoma patients, survivors and caregivers. My husband and I looked and looked for one but never was able to find one. I would like to change that. I am in Colorado Springs but was thinking of having it based out of Denver due to being a little more centralized Colorado. So people from around the state would be able to participate if they wanted. If anyone would be interested in attending a support group like this please let me know. As I mentioned before I have never set up a group like this so any advise on how to go about doing so would be helpful as well.

I am so sorry to read about your loss and what you are going through. There are other caregivers who participate on the MPIP and hopefully they will see this soon. I have stage III melanoma so I'm here as a patient but my heart is with you. I think volunteer work and support groups are a great idea and hope you will get responses from people in your area.

Regards, Carver

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Carver, Thank you. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to battle this beast. If there is anything I can do please let me know. I would love to hear more about your case and treatments that you are going through if you don't mind. You can email me through the site. Take care of your self.


I am so sorry for your loss.  I  was also a caregiver for my husband.  He died a little over  2 years ago, so I know what you went through and what you are now going through.


If you would like to, you can e-mail me at


Jackie W

Laura - I am very sorry about your husband.  I lost my Bob on July 31st after a 5 year battle.  I am in Texas so I can't participate locally but I would love to be involved in an online group.  You can email me anytime - maybe we can help each other.

Laura, I am so sorry for your recent loss.  May the beautiful memories of your husband live in your heart forever.

I hope you are able to set up a group.  I think that would be a very nice way to remember your husband and to also help keep your mind busy and working for something so good and worthwhile for so many people. 

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim

Im so sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathies to you and all who loved him. love, Sharon in Reno Stage IV

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i live in peyton and would love to talk to you as to what you went through as a caregiver to what your husband went through as a patient.  i was diagnose may 2010 with stage 4. i suppose you went to univ of denver also.  if you want to talk is my email

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Hi Laura Sorry to hear about your loss, I am a stage  iv patient living in Colorado springs my email is


I am sorry to hear about your husband, and very much appreciate you sharing your story here.  I love the idea of turning your struggle into something positive for someone else.

We have a person on our staff who works with volunteers across the country and I know she would like to speak with you.  We do have a small group in the Denver area who are supporting some patients in different ways, but am not sure it is anything formal.