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Really sorry its been a while

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Really sorry its been a while

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1/12/2020 3:22pm
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Sorry it's been so long for upate its been a crazy couple of years and just when it seems like everything is going good life sticks it to you again! So i 5/30/2017 had left lower lobe wedge resection and was started on 10mg ipi about a month later, in meantime I was in middle of switching oncologist to see "melanoma specialist " one mont later they started pembrolizumab. So 1 dose each 1 month apart. (And also recieved radiation to left lingula mass for 1 month), The day of my infusion was having headache that continued to get worse into the following week before i called Dr. Was started on iv steroids and continued on steroids for 4 months (hypophysitis) which damaged pituitary everthing came back except adrenal portion so now, on hydrocotisone for life, scans ok until 2018 repeatedly showing uptake in colon which was assumed to be diverticulitis. Fast forward to june this year, my onco left for another hospital, new onco sucks new pet and ct in july and August show spot in colon suspect for cancer, supposed to have colonoscopy but new onco puts off til november, colonoscopy shows stricture nut everything else looks ok no biopsies taken, i ask why and if maybe there should have been or what was next all i get from docs is "i dont know", so needless to say im looking for melanoma specialist near me . I find hospital an hour away and meet Drs and decide to switch the transfer records and set uo scans for end of January 2020 and in meantime review all past scans, the Monday after Christmas I get a phone call from new Dr saying they found a mass in abdomen on or near simoid colon wall and want me to see surgeon as they suspect it to be melanoma! Have had pain in abdomen since spring of last year that has been concerning. Is this a normal place for melanoma to spread?


I feel you. I've never had a good doctor closer than two hours away. I just had an exam earlier this week. The doctors told me it was not too common for the melanoma to spread to the colon, but that melanoma is pretty unpredictable so it could show up almost anywhere.