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radio embolization to liver

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radio embolization to liver

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1/30/2020 2:34pm
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Just read JuliefromSoCal update and thought I would share on whats going on and see if anyone has any experience with this and can provide any inputs.

so there are numerous tumors on the liver biggest one being 7 cm.. mom is being treated at UCSF.
GI oncologist discussed options
1) 70% liver removal which will still leave some small tumors on the left lobe and if the liver grows back fast so does the tumors as well so basically no benefit of going through this radical surgery.
2) RadioEmbolization - which is like injecting radiation beads next to the tumor to kill it. so its a one time procedure and then scans after 1 month. He also discussed if the melanoma specialist would want to add a chemo pill for 2 weeks to make it more effective.

I am very hopeful that this will kill the liver tumors and then maybe we can think about getting into the Xmab20717 trial from Xencor/

How do you folks feel about the plan and Does anyone has any experience with radioEmbolization to the liver ?


tschmith - (2/20/2020 - 11:48am)

Hi! I haven’t been on this board in a very long time. Today I decided to read a few of the posts which led me to your post. How is your mother doing? I have not had radio embolization nor any liver mets, however in 2013 I had a tumor fracture my L3. It was not possible to remove the whole tumor so they first embolized it by cutting off the blood supply. They removed as much of the tumor as they could two days later. It worked! I had many other mets so later on I did a clinical trial and after that, Keytruda. I’ve been NED since 2015.
I wish the best for your mother!