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Questions before next visit

Questions before next visit

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8/12/2019 6:13pm
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Although I've been diagnosed with T1A, I seem to come up with questions prior to each of my three month checkups. Hoping for some advice from the group.
My initial pathology report did not identify any vascular or neural invasion or satellitosis. My Breslow depth 0.6, mitosis=1, Clark IV, vertical growth phase. partial regression, no ulceration, TIL brisk.
Is it bad that the pathology report following the WLE didn't include vascular, neural or satellitosis ?
I've read good and bad regarding regression. Any thoughts on this?

I know that I should be focusing on the positive, but recently looked at a Mass General Hospital malignant melanoma worksheet, where the bottom portion said "complete if VGP is present". Questions listed about mitosis, TIL, neural invasion, vascular invasion, regression and microsatellities. Am I missing something by not knowing about neuro/vascular invasion and microsatellites?


MLD1973 - (8/14/2019 - 2:54pm)

Hi Lindy,

I wish I could answer your questions. I still question my pathology report, mine the same as yours. I hope someone can answer you to help ease your mind... Good luck xx


lindy303 - (8/15/2019 - 12:10am)

Thanks for your reply. I think maybe I'm taking it too literally, as "not identified in this biopsy" I assumed meant that it would be addressed in the WLE pathology report. I was told by someone else that this meant no vascular or neural invasion found.
best to you,