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PRAME PLA (pigment lesion assay)

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PRAME PLA (pigment lesion assay)

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1/13/2020 2:24am
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I am wondering how many of you have had a personal experience with the use of PRAME PLA pigmented lesion assay by Dermtech, the adhesive patch 4 step test? I have tried to lean about it but feel that the majority of information seems to be statistics and data that is a bit over my head. I did just read that Medicare has now approved the use of it and that most major insurance companies have also seemed to approve the use. I ask for myself, I just had it done where it came back PRAME+LINC+. I know this has been around for a few years but it seems they have dialed it in for a more effective approach. I am on the fence as to it's value, I will update thought's on this as my biopsy plays out.

While I was on a business trip, I have had this done to two suspected lesion last Feb 2019 in San Diego with Dr. Brouha, and one of the two came back with the Linc marker upregulated. I went back home in Montreal and had a full biopsy removal with margins removed. The result was moderate dysplasia. So it was slowly turning to a melanoma. Given my mole situation (a few hundreds!), I felt necessary to try this Dermtech thing out and I, of course, felt relieved when I saw my results. That is my experience with it.

FYI, I was diagnosed with “at least” 2.84mm acral nodular melanoma under the right foot (where the sun never shines... sigh!) in July 2016. It presented as a pyogenic granuloma. Was sticking out (ulcerated...? It was diagnosed as such but my case is unusual enough. Pyogenic granulomas do grow out of the skin and break it...) of my right forefoot “in between” the 4-5 digits but a little lower on my sole. Grew over 6-9 months if I recall correctly. Got SLNB in September 2016 and was told rare isolated cells in one lymph node. Upon a saga of reanalysis over 9 months, 3 independent pathology labs from around this planet confirmed no involvement in the said lymph node so finally stage 2b. Confirmed 3 years NED last September 2019. Will go for CT scan for 3.5 years next month. So far so good.

Although difficult and completely life altering, this story is proving to help me get to what is really essential in life.

I hope it does that to you too at least. Time is the real currency in this life and love is the only domain.