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Post-surgery Malaise WLE/SLNB

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Post-surgery Malaise WLE/SLNB

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9/14/2020 5:24pm
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Hi everyone. I feel funny writing in about this but I just had a WLE and SLNB last Thursday. It is Monday. I am healing quite well I think but I have terrible nausea every day and even feeling depressed. I thought I’d be so happy once the surgery was over. Has anyone ever had this experience? I should feel fortunate all went well but instead I feel awful. Not on any pain meds and in fact don’t have much pain at the sites. Returning to work after tomorrow. Just thought you all are the best to ask. Hope you all are doing alright. -Kelly

Kelly, we need some comments here ! Let’s face it melanoma can scare the sheet out of you. Maybe on the outside, you’re keeping this cool demeanor but inside you have plenty of anxiety to deal with. Completely understandable because all of us have been there.
Like I’ve written before, plenty of success stories all around us. Mr prediction, you will have a smooth recovery.
Thank you for caring about everyone here. Writing for everyone here, we really care about you as well.

John J Kissane

Thank you so much for replying, John. You are so right. I think I have been playing it down but inside I am worried. And maybe the nausea is all the anxiety I am hiding. I think when I get back to work and busy, I won’t have as much time to worry. Also, waiting for results can be frustrating and stressful.

I guess also I have been worried that maybe this bad unusual nausea could be a sign that the melanoma is spreading.

Kelly, that is a bid negative. Your nausea is not a sign that the melanoma is spreading in your body. The anxiety is making you ill.
Yes, go back to work, it will take your mind off the melanoma. Have a marvelous day today!

John J Kissane

Hi Kelly,
The first few weeks really suck. The diagnosis gets in your head and the “what-ifs” take control for a period. I had my SLNB and CLND in 10/11 and 2/12 respectively. What was clear to me is when I returned to work and normalcy, I realized this would play out over a long period and that I would compartmentalize this and live with Melanoma instead of living in fear of it. I’m 9 years out now and NED. Still a little in the back of my mind, but I keep it there. I think when you return to a regular life, you’ll have that same experience. As for your nausea and malaise, make sure you follow up with your onc and surgeon. This could be the effects of anesthesia, or as in my case, a post op infection. Hope you feel better quickly! Keep us posted.

tkoss - (9/16/2020 - 8:49pm)

after i started infusion, Opviidio, twice a month, i have had a hard time remembering i am sick. in fact i went today, start to finish and hour. with absolutely no side efffects.

lately i have been getting lazy about covid and have relaxes quarantine for the simple reason is there is nothing to indicate i am sick with cancer and i forget to be careful. . In fact being NED i may not even have cancer anymore.

i never had any symptoms or side effects and only have scars from WLE to remind me. of melanoma.