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Please any information

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Please any information

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4/2/2020 10:38pm
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Hello, hope everyone is staying safe during these trying times with the virus. I’m new here and if this is not allowed please accept my apologies.

So I’m 40 years old and my doctor sent me as an emergency to a dermatologist who wants to biopsy my flat mark on my chest as she says the size, color and shape makes it very suspicious for melanoma. So I joined here again I hope this is okay. I just wanted some advice on what we’re your ways of finding out? What made you go to a doctor for it? Asking because this may sound crazy but I’ve had this marking on my chest for a minimum 4 years. Please send any helpful advice or stories my way. And for the record I am a person who’s always had postpartum depression or any kind of depression been on and off of antidepressants for years now so my mind is getting the best of me and through this covid-19 happenings this is just pushing me to lay in bed and cry. I asked if we could wait until this is all over with because I don’t like leaving my house and they said no I need it done ASAP. Please please send any stories or anything my way to hear it from someone who has experience and not me just reading off the internet and getting more in a funk

JudiAU - (4/3/2020 - 4:22pm)

Most suspicious skin lesions do not turn out to be melanoma. So please don’t panic. The lesions are generally removed and biopsied. If the pathology report supports it, a wider skin removal is done and often the lymph nodes are checked. Melanoma is scary, but give yourself the peace of taking it one step at a time.

Jornellas - (4/4/2020 - 3:49pm)

Thank you for responding. I think this is all so scary when looking on the internet. I know I shouldn’t google but it always gets the best of me.

tkoss - (4/5/2020 - 10:03am)

i concur with judi.

let me add this. i was to have a lesion removed last week. i am 3c and this was the 3rd mole to be excised. the biopsy pathology report was inconclusive as to whether it presented for melanoma. what this means is the biopsy of a sample of the mole didn' t look as if it had gotten cancerous. there were no cancer cells found. still i am 3c , in immuno therapy and the standard of care is to remove by excision or surgery or resection any possible cancer site.

here is my point. the Governor of my State told the Medical Board to knock off all elective surgeries and my Derm decided that my excision was elective.

if you can get a biopsy , do. It may or may not be considered elective. As my Derm explained it, it is not because of a procedure in his office, but if that procedure goes wrong and he has to send you to a hospital.

Jornellas - (4/5/2020 - 8:53pm)

Thank you, yes she wants me in her office and not on video. I’m worried about going outside. I haven’t left my house in weeks. I wanted to wait until the first week of may to get out and do it .