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Pink Wart-like spot on hand

Pink Wart-like spot on hand

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3/14/2019 4:36pm
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New to this world but here's my background. 


August 2018 diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma in upper right arm. WLE was successful and was supposed to have skin and lymph node checks every 3 months for an indeterminate amount of time. I didn't go in December as I should have and they called me last week to remind me. So, I'm going. Biggest fear is having a doctor all up in my 'business' ( I know, I roll my eyes at myself) 


Issue: I have a mark on my hand that is right next to an 'age spot' that had developed over the summer. This mark is slightly raised with a bit of a seborrheic keratosis or wart-like appearance. What's concerning is that it is pink, as my melanoma was too, and it is changing. Most of my 'new' marks since diagnosis have almost appeared overnight and not really changes any. This one is different. 


Has anyone had melanoma on their hand, the top not the palm, and/or pink melanoma like this?

When in doubt, get it checked out. ALWAYS. My second primary looked totally normal (even the dermatologist said that) but it was changing so she biopsied it for my piece of mind. Find a doc you trust and let them get all up in your business because the alternative isn't pretty. I think of the doctor's office like Las Vegas - what they see there (and what you do and say there) stays there.

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Thank you! I have an appt on 04/04/19 for a full body check, lymph node check and I will insist that he biopsy this 'thing' on my hand. I truly feel its skin cancer. Just not sure if it's melanoma or if it's SCC. Either way, I am going to insist. 

Question: he will most likely try to do a shave biopsy. This is on my hand ,where the skin is thin, should I let him to a shave? or insist on something different? The location has me stumped.

A punch biopsy is always best for melanoma. It may also help with it being on your hand - an open shave biopsy would be difficult to keep covered while it's healing.




Agreed. If he insists on shave, I will defer to another physician to do it. Not common to hear of melanoma on the hand. Not sure if the thin skin can increase depth faster or not? Best to be safe. 

MMH - (4/18/2019 - 2:44pm)

Was wondering how things turned out for you? I am waiting to get in after finding a “pink/brown/white” new spot near my original WLE. My original was spitzoid and looked much like this. I hope everything is good with you!