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Pigment growing in benign scar site

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Pigment growing in benign scar site

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11/13/2020 8:58pm
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Hi all. I had a .6mm removed 2 years ago which brought me to this forum. I see my dermatologist routinely ever since and about 6 months ago had a mole removed from my shoulder that came back benign. I now notice that there is pigment in the scar site, and o can only assume it is new and not left over because it is on the back of my shoulder so I do not see it each day. I of course am concerned. Any experience with pigment appearing after a removal?

Thank you for any information.


I don’t think it is uncommon for this to occur. I have had a few moles have small regrowth. Usually there are a few cells left during removal, pathology was fine, and they don’t need a WLE.

You may find the information on the following site to be of interest.



I am 10 years NED, and had a full-thickness skin graft after a WLE for an Acral Lentiginous melanoma lesion on my heel.

In the post-op period, following my healing, I noticed more than one small dark spot in the scar tissue on the perimeter of my graft. For the first one I found, my doctor removed it with a punch biopsy. It came back benign. I have had a couple more since then, but my doctors have never even mentioned them during my regular check-ups.

I have seen and responded to other posts on this forum over the years regarding this phenomenon. It apparently is quite common for these discolorations to occur within scar tissue.

I would recommend that you show it to your doctor, but in the meantime, you should rest assured that it is most-likely not harmful.

Take care,
Mark (2A)

Melanie’s paper is helpful and consistent with Mark’s experience. I had weird stuff on my skin graft - red pimples and kind of lumps but my doctor was not really sure what they were. This happened at the same time as a recurrence. But the pimples on the skin graft resolved and I think were all benign. I am sorry this is stressful, but there is a good chance all will be fine.
Good luck Mark

MMH - (11/17/2020 - 10:19am)

Thank you all for this very helpful information. I really appreciate hearing everyone’s personal experience, as it makes waiting for my upcoming derm appointment more bearable. Thank you again, and I hope you are all staying ok mentally and physically during this challenging time.