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5/9/2019 6:08pm
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Has anyone else had a PICC line? What was it like? Would you recommend it?
So far I’ve had 8 infusions of Nivolumab with 18 more to go. It’s only possible for the cannulas to go in my left hand as I had lymph nodes removed from the right side. I have low blood pressure normally and the nurses often have 2 or 3 goes to find a vein. I’ve had blown veins, blood pressure dropping with the grey vision and cold sweats that all accompany it. I’ve never had a fear of needles before and am fine with blood draws but am beginning to get anxious before every treatment now as getting access seems such a problem. Could a PICC line be the answer? My main reservation is that I work with some unpredictable children at times and fear that they may unintentionally pull it or move it.
Any info welcome.

Julie in SoCal - (5/9/2019 - 10:38pm)

HI Zelda,

I had a PICC line in when I had HD interferon. One week of daily infusions was about all my right arm would take. I looked like a junkie that didn't care anymore because of all the sticks. In many ways, I didn't. But the PiCC was an arm saver. Since then, I've had a port put in. It's more permanent and will last considerably longer than a PICC. You may want to look into that rather than a PICC.

Getting the port was easy, minor surgery and it's in. I was able to use it the same day it was put in. I can also use it for blood draws and scans. I don't have to worry about it getting wet, or having small unpredictable children pull it out (though some are a bit fascinated by the extra bump). Talk with your doc.


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BrianP - (5/9/2019 - 10:40pm)

I've had both a PICC line and a port. Of the two I would recommend the port but with only 18 more to go some might consider that excessive. I only had my PICC for about a month. I had a asshole of a doctor insert mine so I didn't have the best experience but under other circumstances it shouldn't be bad. The removal is super easy. You should be able to get something like a stretchy compression sleeve to pull over the PICC line that could protect it from getting inadvertent tugs from unpredictable children.

Johnjk04 - (5/12/2019 - 2:50pm)

Zelda I was in the same predicament as you in 2012. No lymph nodes on one arm and entering the ippi / nivo trial. The port was placed in my upper chest and I was so pleased to have it in for two years.

John J Kissane