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PET/CAT Scan False-Positives?

PET/CAT Scan False-Positives?

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5/14/2019 11:34pm
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Hi all, hoping for some insight. Will have my first PET/CAT Scan in a few weeks as a follow up for a health issue most likely unrelated to my early stage melanoma diagnosis last year. For peace of mind I consulted with my melanoma oncologist/surgeon from a well known melanoma cancer center.

Can inflammation/infection cause false positives for cancer metastasis?
Numerous people have told me they were very stressed after their PET scans showed possible cancer only to find out after biopsy and further testing it was simple infection/inflammation.
Can I assume my melanoma specialist and radiologist will be able to clearly decipher most false positives? Hoping to avoid unnecessary biopsies or procedures. Thanks for any insight.

msnow - (5/14/2019 - 11:36pm)

Meant PET/CT Scan

Yep. Ditzels...bits and bobs that require further up on the scans of about half of us! Here's a report that may interest you:
Occasionally biopsy or observation and repeat scanning in a few months is required. But, often docs can determine whether there is anything to worry about by analyzing the scan.
Hope this helps. I wish you my best. Celeste

Dear Celeste thanks a lot for sharing this information. I am in the same situation now and my oncologist decide to verify by biopsy to verify what is going on...

maryb-z - (5/16/2019 - 11:12pm)

I had a flu shot in one arm and a shingles shot in the other in October which caused both my underarms to light up.. Doc said I saved myself biopsies by sharing that information. My Pet/CT did not show uptake in February on either area. So just because there's uptake doesn't always mean melanoma..

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