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PET scan results

PET scan results

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9/9/2019 1:09am
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Had my PET scan on Thursday, got the results the same day in my patient portal. Have not seen my oncologist yet, won't see him till the 18th, but have a few questions. Also have an appointment scheduled with a surgical oncologist to see about removing the cancerous lymph nodes. I'm thinking that because of location I'm not a surgical candidate.

1) report states that I have low level metabolic activity throughout the adrenal glands and pancreas. No pancreatic ductal dilatation. Is this normal? My mother died of pancreatic cancer in 2001 so I worry. But my genetic testing shows me as negative for anything to pass on to my kids.

2) report mentions 2 metabolically active lymph nodes, 1 on the left common iliac conglomerate lymphadenopathy, SUV 13. 6. 1 on the left external iliac chain lmyphadenopathy SUV 8.3. the metabolically active lymph nodes are the ones with the cancer?

Final impression: bulky metabolically active lymph node metastases involving the left common iliac and left external iliac chains. No metabolically active retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy .

Basically the melanoma is only in this area? Also where exactly is the iliac chain of lymph nodes located?


MelMel - (9/9/2019 - 2:50am)
should give you the location of the iliac chain of lymphnodes you were asking about.
In your previous post, you had also mentioned that you had some periaortic lymphnode involvement. I would think you would be placed on immunotherapy first with hopes that the lymphnodes would shrink back to normal without any surgery being necessary.
While I am not super familiar with PET scans, the fact that there is no ductal dilation in pancreas indicates that you do not have pancreatitis. While low metabolic activity is generally good there are tumors which have low uptake, small tumor size or it may be due to other reasons. If interested look at the following
Best wishes.

Linny - (9/11/2019 - 9:14am)

Hi Donna!

My pea-brain is telling me that the melanoma seems to be limited to those two lymph nodes and that no organs appear to be affected that they can see. Some places will have you undergo a high contrast CT to back up the PET scan, so that may be a possibility for you.

Based on your note, it looks like your immune system is doing its thing by attacking the melanoma. But it's going to need help. The important thing to remember is that there are options for us now.

Stage IIIB, Unknown Primary; 1 positive node in left axilla. Diagnosed December 2010.