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PD-1 and Microbiome manipulation in Chicago

PD-1 and Microbiome manipulation in Chicago

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1/11/2019 7:20pm
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Tweet from Dr. Luke about one of their new trials.  In one of the replies from Dr. Luke there are a couple links two studies and locations of places conducting trials with FMT and other microbiome agents.  Promising stuff.

Hi Brian, they can have a sample of my shit, any time they want!!! Jason Luke is always up to date on new stuff!!! Thanks for the post!!!Ed 

They probably wouldn't want mine but I'd be happy to donate as well.  My wife tells me mine doesn't stink or does she say I think it doesn't stink.  I can't remember.

I love you boys!!!  (The smartest peeps I know that can always crack me up!!!) They can have mine as well.....though I've gummed up my poop shoot with other mess!  You know I always gotta be the fly in the ointment!!  Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!  c

Hi Brian, came across this link(below) in the Jason Luke material you put up,  mice power strikes again. I am pretty sure that I can get you into that stool sample trial but the coordinators said " no way to anyone with a nick name of ( Bubbles ) , she wouldn't go into any specifics but I think she has had some pretty shitty experiences in the past !!! Brian, do you have any idea how Celeste got that nick name? Here is the link if interested in some more microbiome data.