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An Overview of Melanoma and Skin Cancer from the UK

An Overview of Melanoma and Skin Cancer from the UK

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2/11/2019 11:19am
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Live 4 today. Thank God for all he has done for us. Looking forward to enjoying tomorrow.

Some good information here, Gene.  Some doo doo as well!  Black salve has gone the way of the Pharaohs as has chemotherapy as a legitimate, first-line treatment for melanoma.  Targeted drugs (BRAF/MEK combo's) are indeed incredibly effective for about half of us as are current immunotherapy options.  While we know that folks with adequate levels of Vitamin D do better and we know that sun exposure and tanning beds are implicated in increased rates of melanoma...we also know that neither give a full explanation for its development.  Despite the advances in melanoma treatment options and the understanding researchers have attained regarding the disease over the past 10 years...we have a long way to go.  Thanks for sharing.  Celeste


You can just read what folks thought when you posted this same article earlier:  

As you wish.  Celeste

Oh boy that is funny!!!! I guess I would be repeating myself if I was to say again " stop posting this garbage!!!" This is kind of like the movie ground hog day, I guess we will get another post next week at the same time!!!Ed 

Yep!  See you next week.  Same time.  Same bad place!!!  C