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NKTR-214 drug company has manufacturing issue!!!

NKTR-214 drug company has manufacturing issue!!!

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ed williams
8/11/2019 11:27am
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Last week I posted that NKTR-214 + Nivo drug trial was given FDA fast track approval, only to have the company announce this last Thursday that some of their patients got "suboptimal" drug in two batches. This is just crazy shit, I can't imagine being in the trial and finding out that you got "suboptimal" drug. I came across these two links on the twitter feed from Dr. Jason Luke who shared the news on Aug 8th to his followers.

Good grief! As if trying to survive cancer were not enough????!!! Wonder if results would have been better had the drug been "optimal"??????????????? Crazy and crappy - to say the least! c

Well thats a huge "Ooops"!..

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